Friday, November 17, 2017

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing, Verden, Germany, October 25--28, 2017

Okay, so I'm running behind with this post. Blame it on exhaustion and acute jetlag. But I wanted to at least offer a few comments on my favorite stallions' offerings and post the judge's comments on the premium stallions at the licensing.
Among the jumpers, the offspring of Grey Top (Graf Top / Singular Joter I) really impressed as a group. His eventing Bundeschampion son, Gentleman, made an appearance, along with several other of his kids, and they are a beautiful, athletic and impressive group. I have liked Grey Top since I first saw him several years ago at the Langestuet Celle. He's the new best hope for saving the venerated G line in Germany. Plus, his semen works really well, so that makes him even better in my book.
I also particularly liked the Stolzenbergs and the lone Cascadello I son who topped the jumper sales at 85,000 euros.
Seeing the first crop of nine sons of Finest presented reminded me of when I saw the first crop of his sire, Fuerstenball, presented at the licensing a few years ago. I remember looking down at a group of them from the top tier of the arena, and thinking they walked like "snakes," with a sinuous swing rippling through their toplines. The Finest sons were an equally impressive group and six were licensed. The second high seller of the auction was a Finest. His frozen semen is working very well, so I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of these charming horses in the US in the future.
Fuerstenball himself presented four sons at this licensing, all of whom were licensed. The rest of the entries were of varied and diverse pedigrees.
Prices and comments on premium stallions in auction:
7.  Cascadello I / For Keeps, 85,000 €, "Ability, movement, and genetics."
14. Contendro I / Stakkato, 45,000 €, "The best bloodlines for sport."
15. Cristallo Boy / Cassini II, 24,000 €, "Elegant, eager and a quick takeoff."
28. Quidam de Revel  / Cassini, 50,000 €, "Power, technique and demeanor."
30. Sivlio / Vulkano, 24,000 €, "Leaves nothing to be desired."
44. Dancier / Bonafatius, 90,000 €, "Elegant, powerful and light-footed."
46. Danzador / Royal Highness, 74,000 €, "Shines in his movements."
62. Finest / De Niro, 360,000 €, "Smooth, beautiful and a calm character."
75. Franziskus / De Niro, 55,000 €, "Energy and swing."
93. Livaldon / Worldly, 120,000 €, "Combines the genes of two top stallions."
96. Millennium / Donnerhall, 140,000 €, "Presence and very dynamic basic gaits."
97. Negro / Christ, 70,000 €, "Power and stability with special bloodlines."
102. Scuderia / Belissimo M, 54,000 €, "The powerful hind makes the front light."
105. Sezuan / Donnerhall, 650,000 €, "Well made and powerful with a good frame."
109. Toto Jr / Sandro Hit, 360 €, "Beauty and movement combined."

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