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Gerd Sosath for Stud and Sport

Gerd Sosath
October 26, 2017
A visit to the family owned and operated Gerd Sosath Stud is always interesting. You can count on Inga, Gerd’s wife, to ply you with cakes and coffee. Our group was shown around by Inga and daughter Janna, as Gerd and son Hendrik were busy at the Verden stallion licensing.
We looked at the stallions currently in residence. What a super group; though the stud has focused on jumpers (with Gerd riding many/most of them in the past), they maintain some nice dressage horses too. I particularly like that they are good legged and good footed horses. Many of their broodmares feature the bloodlines of Landadel, Lordanos and Landor S. All of their stallions are quiet and well manner, in beautiful condition and people oriented.
Adoro (Ampere/Donnerschwee/Landadel) is a typical Ampere: pretty, with a beautiful neck and smooth, powerful hindquarter.
Beniro (Bretton Woods/De Niro/Placido) is also a model of his sire. Tall, elegant and eye catching.
Casino Berlin (Berlin (Caspar)/Landor S/Carolus) is a tall fellow with a friendly demeanor who reeks of athleticism. “Impressive” doesn’t do him justice.
Casiro (Cassini II/Landgraf I/Ramiro) has a pedigree full of legendary sires but is amazingly modern in type. He’s charming and gregarious.
Florenz (Florencio/Sandro Hit/Donnerhall) This Bundeschampionat qualifier is as pretty as he is talented and is a real people horse.
For Dance (For Romance I/Rubiloh/Ehrentusch) A stallion with a “10” character that everyone loves to love. He brings a bit of a outcross dressage bloodline via Ehrentusch.
Diamant de Plaisir (Diamant de Semilly/For Pleasure/Landor S) This stallion’s pedigree combines several legendary sires and. He is made in the model of a Diamant—big and correct, with great caliber and those fabulous Diamant feet, which are good-sized with wide heels. These horses are built to hold up. And they can jump over your house!
Fuerst Fabrice (Fuerstenball/Sandro Hit/Castro) The utterly charming winner of the Oldenburg licensing in 2016 is one of a growing number of stallions out of Sandro Hit mares, who brings just what you’d expect (beauty, elegance, type, gaits).
Levisonn (Levisto/Lennon/Roman) This guy is a bona fide jumper, with the smooth gaits, prettiness and temperament to make lovely hunters. In fact, Sosath stallions Catoki and Lordanos have already produced champion hunters, indicating the carefulness with which they choose their breeding stallions for top performance, good characters and rideability.
Of course, the grand old man of the barn Lordanos (Landos/Ahorn Z/Calypso I) was very pleased to have company visit him. He is sweet natured and knows he’s a bigshot. Use him for making hunters or jumpers with really nice gaits. The cover of the most recent catalog features a picture of him with the Sosath grandbabies, one astride and one holding his lead.
Ogano (Ogano Sitte/Diarado/Cantus) This tall, modern stallion with the hard to find Darco bloodline is the model of a jumper. This is the kind of stallion that makes you say, “Yes! That’s a jumper.”
 Bundeschampion Devonport (Dancier/Ravallo/Westbury) was not at the farm on the day of our visit but we had the pleasure of seeing him in an exhibition ride at the Niedersachsen Hall the next day. All superlatives apply: beautiful, elegant, light footed, tactful movements and charisma all wrapped up in a shining black package. He knew he was on display and loved it.

The Sosath Stud makes good semen and stand behind their product. 

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