Monday, February 24, 2020

Research Tools
It's that time of year again when breeders are madly researching their breeding ideas, so I thought I'd pass along some of my favorite research tools. 

First of all, country-specific google sites can often lead to results not available on 
Each country has its own google. For example:

Germany =
Netherlands =
Denmark =
France =
Belgium =
United Kingdom =
Portugal =
Spain =
Italy =
And so on . . .

Use the google translation tool to translate the words stallion, mare, foal etc. into whatever language you are researching. Also use the English terms for the most results. is a useful site, where you can look up a stallion and also see his dam's produce. It's helpful to see the dam's produce in this rather sire-centric business. Here in North America we don't have the extensive background in mare families, that they do in Europe. More great features are the registration numbers, inbreeding coefficients and approvals also provided. is another great website; it lists the test results of every stallion tested in Germany. 

Hippomundo is another pedigree site which includes an up to date performance record of a stallion and the produce of his dam. YouTube is a fantastic resource for horse breeders, and one I'm sure most are already using. You can sometimes find videos not otherwise available by searching the country-specific google sites mentioned above. is a pay site that features all important sport horse events worldwide in real time. Plus, they have an archive of events.

Thoroughbred bloodlines is a good source for researching Thoroughbreds. is another Thoroughbred pedigree research site. 

The Superior Equine Sires Conception Database was developed to give breeders access to frozen semen conception results on many stallions, both in Europe and North America. All data is user entered. Users can view reports, create reports and request stallions be added to the list. 

There is also a "Search" feature in the upper right corner of the Superior Equine Sires masthead, where you can search the website for name, breed, color, height etc. Just keep in mind that it will pull up stallions from the archive which are no longer available, so you must check the active roster to be sure a stallion is available. is an excellent website which contains a wealth of historical articles on famous stallions, riders, competitions and more. 

Please let us know of other good research sites: 

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