Tuesday, December 24, 2019

New Schockemoehle Contracts for 2020

The Schockemoehle Stud contacted me last month about how the contract had worked for me last year. After discussing why I felt it was not favorable to North American clients, we came up with a new contract system for 2020. It's still a contract, but at least now you can purchase a single dose or choose the two-dose contract, which has some breeder benefit if you don't get a conception. 

The details are as follows:

--One dose, one contract for one mare, contract fulfilled when you get a conception or viable embryo transfer (from fresh or ICSI embryo) No discounts next season if you don't get a conception.

--Two doses, for one mare,as in 2020. If you get a conception and don´t use the second dose, the remaining dose to be as used as above with one contract or purchase another two dose contract and receive a 2nd dose to fulfill the 2nd contract. If you use two doses for one mare and no conception, a 50% discount this (if available) or next season, with another two doses. 

The contracts may be viewed on our website. 

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